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When reviewing a puzzle, it's important to take into account the overall quality of the puzzle, including the image quality, cut quality, fit, and difficulty level, as well as the brand reputation and customer reviews. The package design is also an important factor to consider, as it can be an indication of the overall quality of the puzzle.

  1. Piece count: The total number of pieces in a puzzle.
  2. Difficulty level: The level of challenge a puzzle presents, typically categorized as easy, medium, or hard.
  3. Image quality: The sharpness and clarity of the image on the puzzle pieces.
  4. Cut quality: The precision and accuracy of the cuts in the puzzle pieces.
  5. Interlocking: The puzzle pieces fit together to form the final image
  6. Fit: how well the pieces fit together, some puzzles may have tighter or looser fit
  7. Material: The material the puzzle pieces are made of, for example, cardstock or foam board.
  8. Size: The dimensions of the completed puzzle.
  9. Brand reputation: The reputation of the puzzle maker in terms of the quality of their puzzles.
  10. Customer reviews: Comments and ratings from people who have purchased and completed the puzzle.
  11. Box/ package design: The design of the puzzle's box, which may or may not reflect the image of the puzzle itself.

It's also worth noting that some puzzles come with additional elements such as shaped pieces, glitter pieces or 3D puzzle effects, this added feature may make the puzzle more challenging or appealing.

Overall, these terms should provide a basic understanding of the main elements to consider when buying or reviewing a jigsaw puzzle.

Colene Landin


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